July 20, 2020

2024-03-23 | 18:50:19

"5 stars because there are no more! I am a repeat customer. I have had leather soles replaced (because the leather uppers are so well broken in), leather and rubber heels replaced, ladies toe tips and heel tips repaired. Much more than the quality of workmanship, you may also get recommendations for a better solution than you might have thought you needed, even if it turns out to be a lesser cost."
July 18, 2020

2024-03-23 | 18:50:21

"I purchased a used handbag on line, it arrived dirty and smelly. I brought the bag to Denville Shoe Repair. The only way to save the bag was to have it dyed. When the bag was done it looked brand new! I highly recommend Denville Shoe Repair for their knowledge and professionalism ."
July 12, 2020

2024-03-23 | 18:50:22

"Great place great prices very friendly! Very detailed work !"
June 27, 2020

2024-03-23 | 18:50:22

"We have been using them for misc. fixes on zippers, shoes, luggage, etc. in the 22 years we lived in Denville. Everything has been great! I would definitely recommend to others."
June 27, 2020

2024-03-23 | 18:50:23

"Helpful, very quick and good quality! Took my baseball glove right away And did it that day highly recommended"