October 3, 2020

2024-03-23 | 18:50:15

"These gentlemen are true craftsmen.Reasonably priced,excellent workmanship and the work is done quickly.A five star experience."
August 14, 2020

2024-03-23 | 18:50:16

"Brought 3 pairs of shoes and boots in, they were fixed exactly as I asked. Even better was the price! I've been going here for years, and I am so happy they are still in business as crazy as 2020 has been!"
July 25, 2020

2024-03-23 | 18:50:17

"There is no better shoe repair place than here. I actually did several times just to adjust my belts, adding more holes or shortening the length. Just like the owner said “ 99% time we will have what you need “. I got my satisfaction each time."
July 24, 2020

2024-03-23 | 18:50:18

"They did a great job! Price was good and the service was fast!"
July 23, 2020

2024-03-23 | 18:50:18

"Very high level of excellence of craftsmanship. My shoes were upgraded to better than new, as the quality of the replacement parts were exceptional. Well worth the trip!"