February 23, 2023

2024-03-23 | 18:50:06

"New owners and they did a fabulous job repairing a brand new pair of heels I wrecked by stepping in a crack. The heel looks brand new. I am definitely using them again and would recommend them!"
January 29, 2023

2024-03-23 | 18:50:07

"Very Professional! Was told that my shoes were going to be done same day and it was. Extremely nice , friendly and accommodating. Love this Place. I would definitely recommend this place and will be back in the future."
December 3, 2022

2024-03-23 | 18:50:09

"Brought my Uggs in to be cleaned, they look brand new!!! Amazing staff and fabulous service"
April 29, 2022

2024-03-23 | 18:50:09

"Told him it was my 2 favorite pairs of shoes and he rushed it for me."
April 18, 2022

2024-03-23 | 18:50:10

"Had heels replaced on boots - picked up and boots were cleaned and looked like new. Very nice owners. I could go somewhere closer to home but this shop does a better job and are much nicer to me as a customer."