June 15, 2024

2024-06-26 | 15:15:05

February 9, 2024

2024-03-23 | 18:50:03

"I dropped off a pair of boots to be resoled and then saw a bunch of one-star reviews on this place. I picked up the boots yesterday and I'm blown away with the job they did.__It was a half-sole replacement and they used top-quality material for the sole, dressed the edges, polished them, and they look amazing. I'm very happy."
August 4, 2023

2024-03-23 | 18:50:04

"Got an oil stain out of suede! You’d never know it was there."
April 7, 2023

2024-03-23 | 18:50:05

"I dropped off 3 pair of shoes. They did a great job, quick turn around and a very nice, friendly, family business."
March 23, 2023

2024-03-23 | 18:50:06

"They do excellent work. Very accommodating, professional and friendly. I am impressed with what good work they do and would definitely recommend them. Repaired my Louis Vuitton purse and it looks like new. Also very good a repairing/refurbishing shoes."